Telecoms Company Bucks The Trend

Dublin & Belfast, 12th June 2009

Intune Networks builds optical networking platforms for telecoms operators to give customers guaranteed quality service. The new telecoms networking platform, targeted at the metro area network, guarantees a reduced carbon footprint and a greener future for the telecoms industry. The Intune Belfast centre will develop and design key parts of the platform and in the future provide test and customer support facilities.

Tim Fritzley, chief executive officer of Intune Networks – which at the moment employs 36 staff in Belfast - said: “The Belfast research and development centre will develop key subsystems of our new product line. This product line has the potential to solve some the largest cost-performance problems facing the telecoms world today and we are attracting significant interest from European carriers.

“Our continued growth in Belfast taps into the outstanding history of telecoms excellence in the Northern Ireland region which will be key as we roll out solutions to the national telecommunications networks of Europe.” He said staff recruited so far had exceeded expectations.

“The calibre of the people recruited to date, and their wealth of experience in the design and development of large scale telecommunications platforms, has been exceptional.

“In fact, we expect we will ultimately employ over 100 people in the research and development centre. We believe the Belfast office will be crucial to the quality and competitiveness of our products in international markets.”