World First in Ireland: Intune Demos Technology
At ‘Other Voices’ & Snow Patrol Concert in Dingle

Dublin, 27th November 2009

In a global first, Intune Networks, the Dublin based telecoms equipment supplier, today announced that it will give the first demonstration of its ground breaking technology, with a live, high definition transmission of the Snow Patrol concert on December 5th, at the Other Voices festival in Dingle.

Intune Networks has partnered with Other Voices to showcase its unique technological advance (a distributed telecoms switch based on Optical Burst Switching) that enables mass, live, simultaneous content downloads with guaranteed and unparalleled quality. It will transmit the Snow Patrol concert live, to audiences in a number of locations in Dingle. This world first demonstration illustrates that Intune’s ground breaking technology is ready to deliver the most demanding of live multi-media events and meet the consumer’s highest quality expectations across a multitude of devices and formats.

Tim Fritzley, CEO of Intune Networks said, “The Other Voices event in Dingle is the perfect platform to demonstrate and showcase Intune’s technology for the very first time. The technology was invented and developed in Ireland and it is fitting that a cultural event like Other Voices provides the backdrop for this demonstration. This combination will help underpin Ireland’s international reputation as a vibrant, dynamic, innovative society that values its living traditional and future technical cultures.

“More of life is shared and accessed on the Internet than any other medium and that trend will continue unabated with Internet traffic doubling every two years,” he went on to say. “The world will need a next generation optical burst switch such as Intune Networks’ that will deliver the quality of personal experience that everyone has come to expect. Our technology will do this with a very low carbon footprint, as it tackles the issue of the internet’s power consumption, which continues to dramatically rise with the increased use of existing network equipment.”

The demo will involve live, high definition streaming from the Snow Patrol Concert in St James’ Church to a number of locations in Dingle connected to a fibre optic network. For example, the concert can be viewed live in High Definition on screens located in Benners Hotel, or by connecting into to a local WiFi spot using a laptop or mobile device. Several other technology providers supplied user access equipment to connect to the Intune network, including Envivio, Magnet and ADB. What makes this different to a normal broadcast is that it is delivered over an optical burst packet switched fibre network and guarantees uninterrupted, premium quality content – something that has been unachievable before now.

Overview of Other Voices Show:

Since 2002 Other Voices has been bringing established international and Irish musicians and emerging talent of every musical genre to Dingle, Co. Kerry to participate in a series of off-season sessions to perform at St James Church in Dingle and recorded the concerts. Now in its eighth year, Other Voices has grown over the years but it has always remained true to its core and continues to be an exhilarating gathering of musical minds.

Over the years, the recording of the Other Voices television series has become a music festival in its own right. The beautiful town of Dingle provides the perfect backdrop for a diverse gathering of musical minds from across all genres of music. Over 250 acts have provided exclusive performances for the programme including Rufus and Martha Wainwright, Steve Earle, Amy Winehouse, Elbow, Damien Rice, Super Furry Animals, Ray Davies, Ryan Adams, Daniel Lanois, Alabama 3, The Charlatans, Seasick Steve, James Blunt and Peter, Bjorn and John.