Intune Networks Addresses Global Irish Economic Forum

Dublin, 18th September 2009

Intune Networks presented its vision for an examplar network, at the request of the Irish Government, to the Global Irish Economic Forum, which took place at Farmleigh Estate near Dublin on 18-20 September 2009. The forum brought together 180 of the most influential members of the global Irish community with a record of high achievement in business and culture.

According to the Minister for foreign Affairs, who hosted the event, it was designed as a step towards addressing Ireland’s current economic challenges and as a platform for the development of a long term strategy which will channel the enormous potential of the Irish global community.

Intune Networks presented its vision for an Exemplar Network as part of a session on ‘Ireland, The Innovation Island.’ Tim Fritzley, CEO of Intune Networks demonstrated how creating an Exemplar Smart Network based on Intune Network’s world leading technology will give Ireland first mover advantage in the establishment of a Smart Economy, helping Ireland leapfrog its international peers in digital infrastructure. This development will position Ireland as a global innovation leader and will potentially deliver significant economic benefits to the Irish economy.

“We were thrilled to have been chosen by Government to demonstrate the Exemplar Network as part of the Global Economic Forum,” said Tim Fritzley. “The Forum focussed some of the brightest minds from around the globe and here in Ireland on how we can address the economic challenges that we are currently facing.

“I firmly believe that the Exemplar Smart Network is a key element of the infrastructure that we need to build a true Smart Economy and will put Ireland a number of years ahead of other countries in communications technology. This in turn will foster hundreds, if not thousands of jobs, through the development of an indigenous ecosystem of companies, who will use it as a platform for developing and testing new applications as well as attracting international investment.”

The innovative technology developed by Intune Networks (optical burst packet switching) has been identified as the key component to support the Exemplar Network as announced by Minister Eamon Ryan in the Irish government report “Technology Actions to Support the Smart Economy” A direct link to the report is provided through the Irish Government Website.

In addition it has been announced that Intune’s innovative technology will be used to locally broadcast several music performances during the Other Voices show in Dingle this December. This will be the world’s first use of optical burst switching to transmit a live performance. The Exemplar will be the first step in creating a next generation smart and green communications test bed infrastructure for Ireland.