Intune Networks Welcomes Government Announcement on Commencement of Exemplar Network Build-Out

Dublin, 22nd Apr 2010

Intune Networks unique technology was chosen by the Government last July as a key component for the development and roll out of the network in Ireland. The first phase of the development of the Network will see the establishment of a Control Network Facility in Parkwest, Dublin, with the rollout of the first phase of the Operational Network to follow later in the year.

Commenting at the press conference where the contracts for the Exemplar Network were signed Tim Fritzley, CEO, Intune Networks said: “I congratulate the Government on its vision in seeking to build the World’s first web programmable network. The Exemplar Network will be a key piece of infrastructure in the development of the Smart Economy and will help Ireland to regain its competitive advantage.

“This network will act as a magnet to innovative and creative people all across the world helping to ensure that increasing amounts of IP and product development will happen here in Ireland. The Exemplar Network has the capacity to be the catalyst for economic growth in Ireland and we are delighted to be part of this exciting project which will help to foster hundreds, if not thousands of jobs, through the development of an indigenous ecosystem of companies, who will use it as a platform for developing and testing new applications as well as attracting international investment.”
Intune Networks has developed the world’s first programmable fibre optical packet switching platform which is critical to building an Exemplar Smart Network. Developing this technology has the potential to position Ireland for a wave of opportunities based on the future of the Internet that up to now have been considered an area of expertise of regions like Silicon Valley in the US and several Far Eastern countries who are pushing the boundaries of consumer broadband networks. The network will be the first step in creating a next generation smart and green communications infrastructure for Ireland.

John Dunne, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Intune Networks noted: “We are very excited about commencing the work on this critical project to ensure we can play our part in helping to deliver this strategy. We have spent the past ten years developing the technology to address the challenge presented by growing traffic on the internet. Our technology uses up to 75% less energy than today’s networks which are dominated by electronics. This green and smart network will enable new consumer, business and mobile data services to be delivered with 50% less cost and with major advancement in the quality of experience for end users.”