Intune Founder Addresses Packet Optical Networking Transport Event

18th Nov 2010

“OPST will solve challenge of growing traffic on networks” – Intune Networks  


Berlin, 18 November 2010John Dunne, Founder and CTO of Intune Networks,  led an expert panel discussion this week at the Packet-Optical Transport Networking Event held in Berlin, Germany. In his session, John outlined the potential for Packet-Optical Transport Networking to solve the issues facing network operators as they cope with growing traffic demand and look for ways to bridge the gap between today’s network infrastructure and tomorrow’s business needs.


John discussed how the challenge facing network operators is in finding ways to evolve their network architectures to cope with the massive increase in unpredictable traffic demand while sustaining profitability and controlling costs. Intune Networks offers operators an innovative approach to solving this problem through its breakthrough technology named Optical Packet Switch and Transport (OPST), which is at the core of Intune Network’s Verisma iVX8000 platform.


Addressing the gathering, John Dunne said, “OPST will solve the problem facing network operators by fundamentally changing the economics that challenge business survival and provide a foundation for future prosperity.  The current network and network technologies will all fail to be able to meet the future economic drivers and central to solving this problem will be a unified network for all services that can dynamically adapt to demand, whilst operating at the lowest cost.  Intune Network’s Verisma, the world’s first web enabled tuneable network solution, will unlock the full potential of network operators’ assets by virtualising the network to deliver new levels of network efficiency, operational simplicity and service delivery agility.” 


Intune Networks Optical Packet Switch and Transport technology will deliver:

· Maximum Network Efficiency by delivering the network as a pool of bandwidth that network providers can share across services and customers.

· Business Agility by meeting the challenges of the future communications services market with open, flexible and reliable solutions that provide dynamic network configuration.

· Operational Simplicity by offering a virtualized switching and transport network that eliminates complex control planes reduces the number of network layers and minimizes the number of elements needed in the network.