First project on Irish government Exemplar Network showcased

Intune Networks, Openet and Amartus demonstrate dynamic Exemplar Desktop

Dublin, 20th May 2011 - The first project on the Irish Government Exemplar Network has been announced and will demonstrate for the first time ever, Exemplar Dynamic Desktop.  The Catalyst Project has been developed by three Irish companies, Intune Networks, Openet and Amartus, all of whom are Exemplar partners.  The demonstration will be showcased during TM Forum Management World, taking place in Dublin during May.

The project’s aim is to demonstrate the m onetisation of the Exemplar Network’s ability to respond dynamically to traffic demands. The Catalyst project is based on Intune Networks’ Optical Packet Switch and Transport (OPST) technology, Amartus Service Commander™ and Openet’s Policy Charging and Control (PCC). The project is a pre-cursor to developing the toolset needed to create a distributed data centre based upon cloud services.

Bandwidth demands on carriers’ networks are growing exponentially while revenues and profits are decoupled from the cost of delivering the network. Carriers are able to respond to this challenge through service innovation and new revenue generating products. This demonstration will show how carriers can offer innovation and network monetization via a programmable network API linked to the TM Forum MTOSI Services standards.

Peter Willis, Chief Data Network Strategist from BT Innovate & Design, said: “Liquid bandwidth services will empower customers to purchase bandwidth when needed in a cost-effective and timely manner that closely tracks their real hour-by-hour and day-by-day bandwidth requirements with the comfort that the network can 'flex' to meet any unanticipated demands. It allows network operators to monetize these services and optimizes revenues from its network investments. This Exemplar Catalyst illustrates technology that can achieve these aims, allowing more creative commercial relationships with customers that better meets the vicissitudes of emerging traffic patterns and customer expectations.”

John Dunne, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Intune Networks said, “The Catalyst Project showcases, for the first time ever, the virtualized distributed data center. Attendees at TM Forum will be able to experience for themselves how the network will behave in the future to accommodate bandwith demands. Critically, the Exemplar Catalyst demonstrates the monetization of Liquid Bandwith, leading to new charging models for carriers. This represents the first commercial application of Intune Network’s Optical Packet Switch and Transport (OPST) technology, Verisma built on the Government Exemplar. ”

Michael Manzo, Chief Marketing Officer of Openet said, “Monetization is the driver for effective network management, and it’s critical that a network be able to respond dynamically and appropriately to increasing demands. As the pressure for carriers to provide ever more sophisticated services mounts, so does the need for network control and monetization, making Policy and Charging critical functions for carrier revenue streams. The bandwidth models supported by The Catalyst Project are representative of market demands, and we look forward to inspiring additional new options with these network capabilities”.

Olga Havel, Chief Solutions Architect of Amartus said, “The demand for dynamic services requires the OSS to support full automation and simple service centric APIs. This demand is further increased by expansion of the service provider eco system to include software, compute and storage providers. The Exemplar catalyst demonstrates how the design and provisioning of dynamic services can be fully automated using Amartus Service Commander, an open standards based solution”


Enterprise Ireland has invested in all three companies and has supp orted their R&D activities. Enterprise Ireland’s Head of Research and Innovation Fearghal Ó Móráin said: “Openet, InTune and Amartus are three of Ireland’s most dynamic and innovative companies. It is an exciting development to see such leading technology firms collaborating on this ground-breaking technology. Showcasing this cutting-edge technology at the international TM Forum is an important for the companies themselves but it will also highlight Ireland’s significant technological capabilities on a global stage.”



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The automation and monetization of the Exemplar network’s ability to respond dynamically to traffic demands will be demonstrated in Forumville at Management World 2011 in Dublin. It will show:

· Service Passes (short-term service agreements or spot networks), Service Promotions (charging for ‘spare’ bandwidth on allocation) and

· Bandwidth on Demand (boost in bandwidth for a fixed time period). The demonstration will show how activation requests for a temporary service bandwidth boost can be made via a programmable API utilising web services.

More detail on the TM Forum Management World Catalyst Project and registration for a demonstration on 26th May 2011 is available at



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