Intune Networks exhibits at ECOC alongside MAINS and ADDONAS

17 to 20th September 2012 RAI Conference Centre, Amsterdam

The ECOC Exhibition is the largest European optical communications event and the meeting place for everyone in the fibre optic communication technology industry. It is the time when manufacturers, suppliers and service providers of optical comms products and services meet and interact with most active prospects of year each year.

This year, Intune Networks is happy to announce its attendance at the conference, where it will exhibit its Verisma product. Intune’s unique networking technology allows telecoms operators to build networks that are far simpler to operate and with much greater connectivity than previously possible. Intune have created a new way of switching packets over long distances, creating an optical Ethernet switch fabric that can switch packets in real-time across hundreds of kilometres.

Intune will be co-hosting representatives from MAINS and ADDONAS who have been evaluating the benefits of this new generation of sub-wavelength technology.

Everyone is welcome to joins us at the stand no. 730


About MAINS -

MAINS is an EU ICT project, which aims to evaluate its proposed mesh-ring topologies which feature innovative sub-wavelength switching nodes. MAINS project will design, develop and implement a novel metro architecture supporting sub-wavelength granularity. It addresses requirements of Network of the Future at metro level by proposing a novel solution leveraging combination of ring and mesh sub-wavelength switched metro network technologies, fully controlled by an advanced control plane.


MAINS outcome will allow efficient deployment of distributed application servers in a metro network, by means of a novel service to network interface and an extended GMPLS control plane. As a result, both CAPEX and OPEX are reduced, while enhanced capabilities for service deployment are achieved.


ADDONAS is a £1.7m (€1.95m) pan-European collaborative project to develop the internet access networks of the future. Intune Networks will develop a dynamic architecture for the local access network that will support local services and 1Gbps access speeds while also reducing cost and energy consumption. Intune Networks is providing the architecture for a collapsed metro and second mile network, which it calls Active Distributed and Dynamic Optical Network Access Systems (ADDONAS), that scales up to 64Tbps total capacity and beyond. The architecture proposed in the ADDONAS project will revolutionise end-user experience for all future digital network services.

The project consortium consists of a highly innovative SME, Intune Networks, an Access Network supplier KEYMILE GmBH, an operator Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, a leading optical technology SME Centre for Integrated Photonics Ltd and the University of Essex, providing a complete and balanced program with the full supply chain represented.