The Network Conundrum for a Web Services World

prepared and written by John Dunne, CTO at Intune Networks
9th Sept 2011

The era of static and predictable service traffic has been consigned to history. The era of dynamic and unpredictable services traffic is now. Carrier networks, still designed with the operational requirement for accurate prediction of service traffic, have only seen incremental improvements rather than step change.


Network operators must now consider radical options to support future bandwidth demands. During the last decade internet and web services have become the de facto medium for communications, entertainment, information, and work. Service growth has followed exponentially, fusing spectacularly to the extent that it is difficult, or indeed impossible, to differentiate the service delivered and/or to distinguish the role that the consumer is performing.


Yet despite these advancements in services, there has been no significant development or change to the primary optical switching and transport network since their introduction.


Carriers now need to consider adopting transformational innovation versus continuing the deployment of repackaged hybrid products of today. The capability of this innovation must deliver automatic and dynamic response to any mix of incoming service flow traffic requirements – allocating network resources appropriately that are based upon the quality of service tiers required. To achieve this requires a fundamental change and reduction in the complexity of the network.


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The network conundrum for a web services world

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9th September 2011