Intune presents at European Conference on Networks & Optical Communications

20th July 2011 Northumbia University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

The 16th NOC 2011 combines fiber optics systems, networks and technology within a single event, providing a forum for the promotion of new opportunities from industry, institutes of technology and academia.



Intune Networks presents at the European Conference on Networks & Optical Communications in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.


“Cost Reduction of 80% in Next-Generation Virtual Personal Computer Service Economics Using a Sub-Wavelength Metro Network"


prepared and written by Csaba Kiss Kalló, Mark Basham, John Dunne and Juan Fernández-Palacios

Main topics for NOC 2011 include:

Broadband access technologies
Passive optical networks
Radio over fibre
In-building networks
Optical wireless: indoor and outdoor
Transport and photonic networks (wavelength-routing, OBS, OPS)
Energy saving in telecommunication networks
Components and physical issues of optical networks
Management in optical networks
Convergence and multilayer networks



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