Distributed Data Centres

The trend towards larger data centres has brought benefits in economy of scale, operational control and virtualisation. But further consolidation can create challenges in resiliency, high network utilisation and poor user experience for certain applications.


This is why many organisations are looking to create a single unified 'data centre' that can be distributed across multiple locations.


Intune's unique system, which creates a full-mesh of non-blocked connectivity across hundreds of kilometres, provides an ideal infrastructure for such distributed data centres.It enables the virtualisation of storage across sites, virtual machine transfer, data replication and extremely high levels of resilience at low cost.


It is also an ideal platform to extend the benefits of SDN (Software Defined Networks) across the wide area into the distributed data centre environment. More information on Intune's SDN solutions can be found here.


The overview document (below) explains the benefits of creating a single distributed data centre with Intune's system.