Hosted Video Networks for Carriers

Offering Video-on-Demand services is a compelling alternative for carriers who must otherwise build out their networks to carry 'over-the-top' video services that generate no revenue. But Video on Demand services present their own unique challenges.


The network must be able to deliver an individual 'channel' for every active viewer - potentially millions at any one time. Each one of these channels is highly intolerant of network congestion. And the usage is never evenly distributed across the network, leading to unpredictable peak demands.


Intune's unique distributed switch architecture can connect all the service edge ports in the network to whichever video server port requires it, enabling it to adapt to peak demands in real-time, and avoiding any congestion. This means that carriers no longer have to 'over-build' their metro networks to be sure of delivering a high quality video experience.


The executive overview document (below) discusses the benefits of Intune's architecture.


The technical white paper (below) examines alternative architectures for delivering Video on Demand across the metro network.