John Dunne Office of the CTO

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

John co-founded Intune in 1999 with Tom Farrell following EU-funded research work at University College Dublin. John has a first class honours electronics degree and a PhD in the field of tunable lasers from UCD and has spent his career working on the application of these devices into telecommunications systems. He is a co-inventor on some of Intune’s core intellectual property on network systems and is published internationally in the field of optoelectronics.

Since founding the company, John has been responsible for the commercial vision of how Intune's core technology could be applied into the Telecoms market. His current role includes working with technology strategy leaders of network operators and network users to roll out Intune's tunable network innovation. He is a regular invited speaker at conferences on innovation, network technology and the future trends in the communications industry. He leads all Research programmes at Intune.